Name: Goat!
Price: 10.00

Rainbow colored GOAT prefix in-game

Premium role on Discord

20% discount on Gadgets purchased with Mystery Dust

Name your Gadgets pets

Set a custom nickname in-game with /nick

Use color codes in your nickname

Feed yourself once per hour with /feed

Edit your hologram nameplate in-game with /nameplate

Set up to 15 homes

Bypass command cooldowns (other than /findbiome and /wild)

Create [Elevator] signs to take your base to the next level

Modify your paintings with a menu in-game

Control your personal weather with /pweather

Choose between several different glow effects for your player with /glow

Access your ender chest from anywhere on the server with /ender

Edit nearly every aspect of armor stands with /armorstand

Ride entities and players with /ride

Condense items in your inventory with /condense

Do the opposite with /uncondense

Once an hour, TP to a specific biome with /findbiome

See which players are nearby with /near

Access to all heads in the /headdb for free

Join full server

10% mcMMO XP Boost for all skills

Use color codes in the anvil when renaming items